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All New 2023 Honda HR-V | Pre-order

The all-new 2023 Honda HR-V will arrive this summer. In the current state of global supply chains, the quantities available are limited. Reserve your HR-V in advance and be sure to receive it quickly.

The All-New 2023 Honda HR-V

The all-new 2nd generation HR‑V has launched this summer. In the current circumstances, it is possible that the quantities available will not meet the demand. It is therefore strongly advised to reserve your 2023 HR-V for pre-order at Honda Saint-Jean.

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Bigger than its predecessor

The 2023 HR‑V has a longer wheelbase and wider stance, while remaining sporty and unique. The HR‑V is just the right size, offering the space and utility features needed for a weekend adventure, while being nimble for zipping around town.

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2023 HR-V | Youthful, Athletic Styling

The new HR‑V is more refined, confident and fun to drive, thanks to significantly improved powertrain dynamics and responsiveness. It features a more responsive engine and a new independent rear suspension.

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A large interior

A large interior provides excellent visibility, enhanced by door-mounted mirrors and the HR-V's low cowl. For a sleeker, more upscale appearance, the HR‑V's windshield wipers hide below the hood line when not in use.

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The all-new 2023 Honda HR-V. Quantities are limited!

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Order: Be sure to get your hands on an all-new 2023 Honda HR-V. Leave a $500 deposit only. Estimated delivery date: Mid-2022. You can cancel your order at any time before concluding a definitive contract for the purchase or lease of a vehicle with Honda Saint-Jean.

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