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2025 Honda Pilot : The Durable SUV for Memorable Adventures

Robust, powerful exterior design

The all-new Honda Pilot 2025 is a robust and spacious vehicle, offering a comfortable and stable driving experience thanks to its wider voice and extended wheelbase. Its exterior design is strong and powerful, with a bold grille and sophisticated headlights. Heated mirrors are retractable, and the windshield features a heated wiper zone. The tailgate is wide and low, making it easy to load the generous cargo area.
When you look at the Honda Pilot 2025 from the outside, you're immediately struck by its imposing, solid appearance. The bold grille with horizontal bars gives the vehicle a road presence that doesn't go unnoticed. Sophisticated headlamps add a modern touch, while heated retractable mirrors offer practical functionality for those cold days.
An interesting feature of the Honda Pilot 2025's exterior design is the heated wiper area on the windscreen. This quickly defrosts the windshield in cold weather, ensuring optimum visibility when driving. No need to scrape the ice or wait a long time for the windshield to defrost, the Honda Pilot 2025 provides everything you need to make your life easier.
Honda Pilot 2025 rear view - Open tailgate
Honda Pilot 2025 rear view - Open tailgateThe Honda Pilot 2025's low, wide tailgate is another practical addition. It makes it easy to load and unload the vehicle's generous cargo area. Whether you need to carry luggage for a family trip or gear for an outdoor adventure, you'll appreciate the ease with which you can access this spacious area.
In short, the Honda Pilot 2025 offers a rugged, powerful exterior design. Its bold grille, sophisticated headlights, heated retractable mirrors and practical tailgate all add to its visual appeal and practicality.

Spacious, luxurious interior

Honda Pilot 2023 interior and dashboard view
Honda Pilot 2025 interior and dashboard viewThe all-new Honda Pilot 2025 is a vehicle that combines comfort and luxury in its spacious interior. Whether you're taking the family on a long trip or commuting to work, the Honda Pilot's interior offers a pleasant driving experience.
A remarkable feature of the Honda Pilot's interior is the quality of the materials used. Heated, perforated leather seats offer superior comfort, especially on long journeys. You can easily adjust the seats to your preferred position and enjoy a relaxing journey. What's more, the heated leather steering wheel adds a touch of luxury to your driving experience.
The Honda Pilot's instrument panel features a 10.2-inch speedometer and a sophisticated head-up display. You'll be able to access important vehicle information and control essential functions with ease. The infotainment system includes a 9-inch audio screen, a 12-speaker Bose audio system and a navigation system, so you can stay connected and enjoy an exceptional audio experience on the move.
Honda Pilot 2025 interior view
Honda Pilot 2025 interior viewThe Honda Pilot is also designed to comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. It offers spacious, well-padded seats, providing ample room for passengers. The rear seats are also flexible, allowing you to rearrange the cargo space to suit your needs. Whether you need to carry bulky luggage or provide extra space for rear passengers, the Honda Pilot adapts easily to any situation.
In terms of convenience, the Honda Pilot is equipped with practical features such as remote start, panoramic sunroof and a set of adjustable seats with memory. Whether you want to pre-heat your vehicle in winter, enjoy panoramic views on sunny days, or adjust your favorite seats at the touch of a button, the Honda Pilot offers a host of options to make your drive more enjoyable.

Advanced safety features

Honda Pilot 2023 safety features
Honda Pilot 2025 safety featuresThe all-new Honda Pilot 2025 is not only a robust and spacious vehicle, it's also equipped with advanced safety features that guarantee a safe ride for you and your passengers.
One of the most remarkable safety features of the Honda Pilot 2025 is Forward Collision Warning. This system uses sophisticated sensors to detect vehicles ahead and warn you if a collision is imminent. It can also automatically apply the brakes to reduce the impact of a collision, or even avoid it altogether. This feature is particularly useful in dense traffic or difficult driving conditions.
In addition to forward collision warning, the Honda Pilot 2025 is also equipped with lane departure warning. This system uses cameras to detect lane markings and warn you if you leave your lane without using the turn signal. It can also apply a slight steering correction to help you stay in your lane. This feature is ideal for long freeway journeys, where fatigue can sometimes cause you to veer off course.
Another advanced safety system on the Honda Pilot 2025 is the Traffic Sign Recognition System. This system uses cameras to detect traffic signs along the road and displays this information on the dashboard screen. It helps you stay informed about speed limits, overtaking bans and other traffic regulations. This feature is particularly useful when driving in unfamiliar areas or when traveling abroad.
The Honda Pilot 2025 is also equipped with a Lane Keeping Assist system. This system uses sensors to detect lane markings and applies a gentle steering correction to help you stay in your lane. It gives you a more stable ride and helps you avoid accidental skidding or going off the road.
Honda Pilot 2025 interior view and blind spot sensor
Honda Pilot 2023 interior view and blind spot sensorFinally, the Honda Pilot 2025 is equipped with a blind spot monitoring system. This system uses sensors to detect vehicles in your blind spots, alerting you to their presence. It helps you change lanes safely and reduces the risk of collision with other vehicles.
In conclusion, the Honda Pilot 2025 not only offers a robust exterior design, a spacious and luxurious interior, and outstanding performance. It also puts the emphasis on safety, with advanced features that give you a safer, more relaxed ride. Whether you're driving around town or venturing onto more winding roads, you can be confident in the safety of the Honda Pilot 2025.

Honda Pilot 2025 FAQs

What are the major changes for the Honda Pilot 2025?

  • The Honda Pilot 2025 has been completely renewed last year after seven years without major modifications. It features a larger body, more modern styling, more technology and a familiar engine.

How is the new Honda Pilot 2025 styled?

  • The styling of the new Pilot 2025 is largely inspired by that of the Honda CR-V, with an almost identical grille and headlights. However, the Pilot looks a little more muscular thanks to squarer front fenders and a slightly larger grille.

Quelles sont les déclinaisons disponibles pour le Honda Pilot 2025 au Canada?

  • In Canada, the Pilot 2025 is available in five distinct variants: Sport, EX-L, Touring, Black Edition and TrailSport.

What technological improvements does the Honda Pilot 2025 offer?

  • The Honda Pilot 2025 features fully digital instrumentation behind the steering wheel and a more user-friendly infotainment system. Connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is now wireless.

What powers the Honda Pilot 2025?

  • The Honda Pilot 2025 is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 285 horsepower, an increase of five horsepower over the 2022 model.

What is the towing capacity of the Honda Pilot 2025?

  • Le Honda Pilot 2025 a une capacité de remorquage de 5000 livres.

How much does the Honda Pilot 2025 cost?

  • Prices for the Honda Pilot 2025 start at $50,650 for the Sport version and go up to $62,850 for the Black Edition.

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